What is Mythania?

The world you are about to discover is a fantastical realm of steam, steel, and sorcery—a world where juggernaut war machines ravage the landscape, where stupendous air fleets dominate the skies, where astral mages battle enchanted automatons, and where the march of progress is moved as much by gears of iron as it is by the weaving of spells.

I’m Mark William Chase, creator and author of the Mythania® universe. Mythania has been a project in the works for a very long time; it is my hope that this web site will give both fantasy readers and steampunk enthusiasts the opportunity to explore this unique setting, where steam-age technology and potent magic intermingle under the backdrop of war, conflict, and adventure.

Airship, by Andrew Porter

My Official Bio

Finding himself stranded on the small backwater planet known as “Earth”, Mark William Chase spends most of his free time writing short stories and novels, keeping up with the latest news in science and technology, and doing all the normal things human beings are in the habit of doing. Since 1998, he has been developing the steam fantasy world of Mythania and working on a series of novels and short stories set during the momentous War of Wars. At his day job, Mark (in the guise of his mild-mannered alter ego) works in the field of programming and software development.

Mr. Chase lives near Indianapolis, Indiana with his wife and three crazy cats who think they are the center of the universe. They are correct, of course, given the intrinsic expansion of space-time from its singular point of origin 13.73 billion years ago.